Surviving the Sahara

Season’s Greetings,
I have just published a new book, Surviving the Sahara, and am so proud to share it with you!
It is available to buy from the link below. I would love for you to look and to share it with your circles to help me spread the word.


This is a book that is based on my true story and is an inspirational book that will show you light during your journey through the darkness. After all, everyone must face bad-luck, dark times, and tests, and turmoil in life. Times come when we feel dull, pessimistic, and lose hope.
There is never a dull moment in Surviving the Sahara Full of bright, hilarious characters, this slice-of-life tale explores the real-world practical side of the creative field of self-motivations and courage to put one’s life at risk to grab one’s share of riches. Explore the adventurous world of the Sahara Desert and Libya that victualled the author with what he wishes. All the colors of Africa are brilliantly mixed to make this spectrum of Adventure; a battle of survival fought by me. This is a handbook for the dejected.
Surviving the Sahara will immaculately keep the readers’ chins up through implacable sufferings of life. Sometimes, we invite a test and end up nowhere to go. Often, it comes to us uninvitingly. COVID-19 is an example. You will find a lot of tips. Tips not about how to diffuse the situations but how to hold yourself together in a mired situation.